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Take action on NFA review

The battle over the re-classification of lever action shotguns has been fought and lost, however that is not the end of the war.

There still remains the review of the National Firearms Agreement (NFA) and the incorporation of the NFA and the 2002 National Handgun Agreement into one document.

The federal Minister for Justice Michael Keenan has given assurances that the only changes to the NFA will be those necessary to re-classify lever action shotguns and to accommodate technological change. However the proposed new NFA goes further than this and would make owning firearms more difficult and more onerous.

The changes also would affect collectors and would impose new obligations on some collectors which required them to destroy their property.

Field & Game Australia and other organisations have joined together to thoroughly analyse the proposed NFA and to respond to it. The Response is posted below.

The Response calls on Mr. Keenan to ensure that the changes in the proposed NFA Agreement which are not related to re-classifying lever action shotguns or technological change are deleted.

The organisations have obtained professional advice in formulating their response to the proposed NFA Agreement.

Another issue is that some state or territory governments may come under pressure to use the new NFA agreement as an excuse to change existing legislation, policies and protocols, which have been in place for 15 to 20 years, to make it more difficult or more onerous to own firearms.

The organisations which are members of this coalition are speaking to federal and state politicians to ensure that there are not any changes to firearms ownership at a federal or state level other than changes concerning the classification of lever action shotguns.

FGA members should speak to their federal and state members of parliament to reinforce this message. If you need help in finding out the names of your local members click one of the links below.

Federal Members and Senators


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Western Australia



Northern Territory


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