Bush to Banquet

Try Matt Fowles Upton Run Vineyard rabbit “Cigars” wrapped in prosciutto with beetroot relish.

Recipe is for two people, with some relish leftover to leave in the fridge. You can source your rabbit yourself or from a supplier.

Upton Run Vineyard rabbit “Cigars” wrapped in prosciutto

• Four rabbit fillets (from two rabbits)
• 8 slices of prosciutto (softer slices are easier to work with than hard or crumbly slices)
• Fresh herbs, preferably oregano (but really whatever you prefer)
• Olive oil
• Salt
• Pepper


Remove back fillets from two rabbits (or get your butcher to)

Remove sinew from fillets (like taking the skin off a fillet of fish)

Fold thin end of fillet roughly half way back on to the thicker end of the fillet — this
should make one consistent thickness across the fillet in a ‘Cigar’ shape

Lay slice of prosciutto on an angle on a flat surface and wrap the fillet until well covered (you may only need one slice, in which case the other slice can be the cook’s bit!)

Use a heavy-based pan and bring to high heat

Add a tablespoon of good quality olive oil

A guide only: fry larger fillets on four ‘sides’ for about four minutes (one minute on each ‘side’).

However cooking time will depend on the size of the fillet

Judge that in the pan but be careful not to overcook! The fillet should be just slightly translucent in the middle

Rest for a couple of minutes before seasoning with salt and pepper and sprinkling with fresh herbs

Serve with a slightly chilled glass of Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch chardonnay or shiraz depending on the season!

Beetroot relish

• 1 kg fresh beetroot, grated
• 400 g brown onions, grated
• 400 ml white vinegar
• 600 g white sugar
• 15 g mixed spice (typically a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves)
• 15 g salt
• 2 cm piece of fresh ginger


Place all ingredients into a pot and cook at gentle simmer until everything combines
and softens to taste.


We are giving away two Fowles Wine packs containing three bottles of Ladies Who Shoot
Their Lunch chardonnay and three bottles of Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch shiraz in
a presentation box based on Matt Fowles Grandfather’s antique English gun case made in 1897 by world famous London gun maker James Purdey and Sons.

But you get more than the wine. Each winner will be invited to attend the food and wine shoot for the May Field & Game magazine and participate in the cooking and tasting.

To enter email in 50 words or less your best culinary experience with rabbit to or, if you prefer, post on the FGA Facebook page.

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