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Ducking the Point

Field & Game Australia members will be familiar will the organisation Animals Australia, and their mission, essentially, to change society and culture. With Coalition Against Duck Shooting’s (CADS) Laurie Levy banned from wetlands for 6 months, Animals Australia have seized this opportunity to become more aggressive with their campaign against duck hunting.

Having seen CADS perform the same old protests each year, creating nothing more than a nuisance, Animals Australia are attempting to sway hunters with something different.

Animals Australia have paid for a clay target group to run two days of free clay target instruction for those who would like it as an alternative to hunting.

This illustrates their complete lack of understanding of what motivates hunters.

Hunters can (and do) shoot simulated field at Field & Game Australia events every weekend. The simulated field discipline has as long history, helping hunters develop and maintain their marksmanship skills so that, during the seasons, they are more successful in bringing home wild game for the table. However, Animals Australia’s event is not simulated field, but a practice set-up.

The sign-up page for this event mentions the event is free, but indicates that Animals Australia will wish to confirm that attendees are holders of a game licence – Field & Game Australia expects this to mean you will be required to provide a copy of your licence.

Take a look at your game licence, your firearms licence. What information is on there? Coupled with the information required to sign up, do you want Animals Australia to have access to this private information? It may not cost any money – but there may still be a price.

Animals Australia also states that by taking part in this event, you’ll be ‘doing Victorian waterbirds a ‘good turn’’. Animals Australia’s opinion of hunting is clear, but this demonstrates beyond a shred of doubt that they do not understand hunters at all.

With nest box programs, environmental water consultation, wetland preservation and restoration, pest animal control, and general conservation works our branches and members perform every week, every month, all year 'round, Field & Game Australia are already doing waterbirds across Australia a good turn.

Field & Game Australia’s advice is to ignore this event.

If there are those of you who are unable to get out over opening weekend to harvest some great wild game, you may be tempted to attend this event. We advise members to avoid comments that suggest their attendance is a matter of preference.

Although we have great concern over the motives of Animals Australia in sponsoring this event, we have no issue with the people running it (who are great supporters of Field & Game Australia). It is simply a business activity.

With loss of habitat being the one overarching pressure on our waterbirds, Field & Game Australia would rather see real conservation and habitat protection efforts, with the welfare of our waterbirds and their habitat at the core.

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