Irresponsible Acts of a few Tarnishing a Tradition

Earlier we shared updates on the efforts to re-open Lake Elizabeth State Game Reserve, and to secure alternative wetlands for duck hunting in 2016.

We are disappointed to learn that protected species have been collected from Toolondo Reservoir, including Freckled Duck and Blue-winged Shovellers. It appears that a group of irresponsible, unethical individuals are the suspects for the loss of these birds. These people chose to ignore Victorian hunting legislation; the training, testing, and education around protected species; the Game Management Authority’s RESPECT campaign; and the Field & Game Australia Code of Conduct when they took the actions resulting in the death of these protected birds.

Their actions are unacceptable.

Field & Game Australia does not, and will not, condone these actions or the people responsible, who have treated the ethics and laws of hunting with such blatant disregard. These few individuals have tarnished the tradition and culture of ethical hunting in Australia, and have betrayed the larger hunting community by doing the wrong thing. No respectful, law-abiding hunter would behave in such a way.

Field & Game Australia, while we support law-abiding firearm owners and ethical hunting, has no tolerance for actions such as these. We encourage anyone who witnesses illegal activities to report it immediately to the relevant authorities.

If you’ve heard something, or know something, about the individuals responsible for these actions at Toolondo Reservoir, please contact the Game Management Authority on 136 186. Those responsible need to be brought to account for their actions.

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