Fox baiting at Gunbower Forest

North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA) intend to conduct concentrated fox baiting within two zones over a five week period, the baiting coincides with the nesting period of Broad-shelled turtle, Chelodina expanse. NCCMA will then compare nest predation by foxes at comparable sites where ‘fake turtle nests’ will be established using chicken eggs injected with non-lethal sodium carbonate, as an aversion method to fox predation. The two baiting zones selected are Horseshoe and Botches Lagoons located in Gunbower State forest, which are both known turtle nesting areas. 
This program is part of an adaptive management approach to reducing the impact posed by foxes upon freshwater turtles species within the Murray Darling Basin and is being conducted in partnership with the University of Western Sydney (UWS), Turtles Australia Inc., DELWP, Aboriginal traditional owner groups and the broader community using the citizen science tool
Baiting will be conducted in accordance with the Directions for the Use of 1080 pest Animal Bait Products which includes the erection of signage at all vehicular entry points and any other commonly used entry points to the land areas where baits will be laid. 
Baiting will be undertaken by a registered contractor and is proposed to commence on the 11th April for two weeks until 22ndApril, followed by a week hiatus from the 25th April and then recommence for another two weeks from the 2nd May and concluding on the 13th May.
For further information please contact Daryl Snowdon at the FGA National Office.

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