What's worth more...?

What's worth more?

Three packets of duck load shells?

…or the future of hunting?

You will have heard that NSW Premier Mike Baird has decided to ban greyhound racing, and the ACT has now followed suit. We’ve seen similar decisions ban duck hunting in other states at the stroke of a pen.

It is important to keep in mind that campaigns against greyhound racing; jumps racing; primary producers of wool, eggs, meat, dairy; live exports; and hunting are all battles in a much larger war.

The campaigns of animal rights organisations such as Animals Australia are a reminder that we are not involved in a political war, but a culture war — a battle over values, principles and lifestyles — of which politics is only a part. Culture wars require much more resources, much more dedication and commitment than political wars because they are 24/7, 52 weeks a year, every year.

Donate to Field & Game Australia’s Fighting Fund, and help us secure your future.

With each victory, their campaigns gain momentum. The future of hunting is under a very real threat.

In Victoria this year we saw major duck swamps closed and hunters moved on with just minutes notice at the behest of Animals Australia.

In New South Wales a few years ago we saw game hunting shut down overnight following pressure from groups like GetUp!

At the Federal Election on the weekend we saw Derryn Hinch elected to the Senate on a platform including “Animal Justice”.

In Western Australia last year we saw a ferocious and misleading campaign against hunting run by the RSPCA - including full page advertisements in the major newspaper.

Just a fortnight ago in Victoria we saw the former longstanding CEO of the Australian Conservation Foundation appointed as the “independent” chair of the Government taskforce which will decide the fate of much of the public land we hunt on.

In the Australian Parliament last year we saw the importation of a legal firearm banned on the whim of a bureaucrat.

The year before that we saw the Senate conduct a full-blown inquiry into firearms at the request of the Greens.

This is the reality we all need to understand.

We are fighting this war on our culture and our traditions. Field & Game Australia are fighting to secure the future of hunting. Think about what it would be worth to you to go hunting with your children, your nephew, your granddaughter. If the extremists get their way, that experience could become nothing more than wishful thinking.

The hunters who formed Field & Game Australia had their sons, daughters and grandchildren in mind in 1958 when they paid their licence fees to the government, which enabled the government to protect wetlands and ensure a future for our game birds and hunting.

Donations can be made at, or you can make a direct deposit to:

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