Southeast Australia second wettest June in 117 years leads to boom of waterbird habitat

Well it's getting wet! Members across the state have been reporting wetlands filling via social media. Across the state, Gippsland, the South West, the North east and the Grampians have seen or are seeing lakes and wetlands fill or continue to fill. The sub-soil moisture is good and the catchments are running. The forecast points to continuing wet conditions through until spring. The scene is set for a terrific breeding event with reports in of ducks on eggs already – perhaps two broods this season!

Areas that didn't fill in 2011 have water running into them, particularly in the Southwest - Lake Gherang Gherang and Lake Murdeduke, for example.

In the Grampians regions Lake Lonsdale and Lake Buninjon have had good inflows of water and other wetlands.

In the Northeast things are looking very good with Dowdles Swamp State Game Reserve full, Black Swamp State Game Reserve and Winton Wetlands all look very good.

Gippsland is booming, with only Lake Reeve and Jack Smith Lake State Game Reserve yet to fill both of these now have water in them it just needs to keep raining.

In the Northwest the catchments are filling with the Richardson and Wimmera rivers are flowing.

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