Compliance and Respect

Field & Game Australia (FGA) would like to inform their members of an emerging hunting compliance effort.

WE understand that video footage supplied to the Game Management Authority (GMA) by anti-hunting activists is the basis for current compliance actions. This is a new and concerning tactic and FGA has identified a number of serious issues.

FGA continues to promote responsible hunting, and for policy and decisions to be based on facts. This footage is no exception and we have raised this with the GMA. These are the same activists who, driven by ideology rather than facts, told the world about the 'rescue' and later death of a wounded swan. On discovering it hadn't been shot they instead claimed publicly it had been scared to death by hunters. You can excuse us for doubting the veracity of their claims and the wisdom of 'outsourcing' evidence gathering to anti-hunting activists.

FGA does not condone or excuse illegal or unethical hunting activity of any kind. We support compliance checks for the right reasons but the bias of those allegedly presenting ‘evidence’ of improper or illegal hunting is cause for concern.

The process of visits and interviews with GMA in regard to allegations may include Victoria Police (VICPOL) conducting firearms registration and storage checks, an intimidating situation for any licence holder.

Hunters should ensure that they are fully compliant with regulations and abide by requests from VICPOL personnel, as well as being fully informed and aware of support they can seek. We also encourage hunters to document any interactions. If you require assistance or have questions please phone the National Office on (03) 5799 060.

While duck season in Victoria is over for this year, FGA continues work to deliver outcomes for hunting including addressing compliance issues. We support a strong regulator and greater focus on education, communication and effective enforcement. You can read more here.

We are also voicing our concerns with the current compliance actions.

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