2017 National Carnival

2017 National Champions

Thanks to our sponsors: Winchester Australia, Blaser, Raytrade, Intoshooting, Beretta Australia, Rhino Sport, Perazzi Australia, Hunt’s Shooting Supplies, Marsh Advantage Insurance, the Outdoor Trading Company (formerly GB Corsivia), and Kubota Australia.

Winchester Australia National Championship

  • High Gun for 150 targets
    • National Champion – JOHN YOUNGER - 140 OTG
  • AA Grade
    • 3rd        BRIAN MORTENSEN
    • 2nd       BLAKE NANKERVIS
    • 1st         BRENTON IRONS
  • A Grade
    • 3rd        ANTHONY PITT
    • 2nd       KENNITH ATKIN
    • 1st         RICKY CRAWFORD
  • B Grade
    • 3rd        DAVID CHARLES
    • 2nd       WILLIAM MURRAY
    • 1st         ALEX LABIB
  • C Grade
    • 3rd        BILL MORAN
    • 2nd       GRANT MIDDLEMISS
    • 1st         ANDREW PORTELLI

Beretta Australia Ladies National Championship

  • 2nd       APRIL THOMPSON
  • 1st         BROOKE TANGEY – 106 OTG

Beretta Australia Veterans National Championship

  • 3rd        DOMINIC AZZOPARDI
  • 2nd       ALEC CECCATO
  • 1st        ROGER KERSLAKE – 122 OTG

Raytrade Junior National Championship

  • 3rd        MARK DU ROSE
  • 2nd       LUKE WILLEMSEN
  • 1st         BILLY CAIN – 129 OTG

Raytrade Sub-Junior National Championship

  • 3rd        BENJAMIN STUDHAM
  • 2nd       BRENDAN O’BRIEN
  • 1st         NICHOLAS BRIGHENTI – 109 OTG

Winchester Australia National Handicap

  • 30th     Kennith Atkin
  • 29th     Luke Willemsen
  • 28th     Mark Du Rose
  • 27th     Daniel Lillis
  • 26th     James Saliba
  • 25th     Scott McIntyre
  • 24th     George Pilipasidis
  • 23rd     Liam Hill
  • 22nd    William Murray
  • 21st      Wayne Lowan
  • 20th     Jeremy Kent
  • 19th     Billy Cain
  • 18th     Adam Bennett
  • 17th     Alex Labib
  • 16th     Con Scalora
  • 15th     Adam Du Rose
  • 14th     Mick Keirl
  • 13th     Craig McNeil
  • 12th     Jack Gibbs
  • 11th     Matthew Libbis
  • 10th     Bill Zogogiannis
  • 9th        Lee Berger
  • 8th        Noah Bazzano
  • 7th        Brenton Irons
  • 6th        Grant Middlemiss
  • 5th        Brian Mortensen
  • 4th        Blake Nankervis
  • 3rd        Andrew Portelli
  • 2nd       John Younger
  • 1st         Ben Kuschert

Into Shooting Branch Team Event

  • 3rd        PINEGROVE, Adrian Orchard, Brook Nichol, Josh Simms, Molly Nicholson
  • 2nd       BENDIGO POACHERS, Andrew Campbell, Barry Eastwood, Mark Daley, Matt Davis
  • 1st        ABZ SHOOTING TEAM, Frank Cefai, Brent Harbour, Emmanuel Attard, Andrew Portelli

Into Shooting Junior Team Event

Three-person teams, 150 targets OTG

  • 3rd        O’FITZIDEAN, Riley Fitzgibbon, Kiara Dean, Brendan O’Brien
  • 2nd       SHEPP YOUNG GUNS, Xavier Russell, Harry Wilkie, Thomas Bilney
  • 1st        THE FUTURE, Mark Du Rose, Billy Cain, Luke Willemsen

We’re very pleased to announce that next year’s National Carnival will be hosted by the Bairnsdale branch, and we’re hoping to build on the new format we’ve seen this weekend.

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