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FGA Membership Delivers Better Firearms Insurance

Field & Game Australia membership has increased to cover increased costs but it also includes a new insurance scheme that covers all your firearms.

The changes to the firearms insurance were necessary to remove the legal implications of FGA effectively acting as an insurance broker.

The new member benefit means financial members have cover for all their firearms and/or associated equipment whilst in transit, stored in a locked vehicle and/or building in accordance with State Law, and if damaged or destroyed whilst in use.

The result is a much better policy offering, which includes:

• $12 000 cover for firearms and associated equipment provided to all members of adult age, regardless of the membership category, as part of their annual membership fee.

• Additional cover up to $25 000 is available to members for an additional fee of $10. If you wish to take advantage of this great offer, please email your name, FGA member number, address and contact phone number to to register, and an invoice will be sent out to you closer to April 1 (the commencement date). Any questions, please contact Janine at Marsh Advantage on (08) 8385 3624.

You can also view drafts of the Coverage Summary and Policy Wording for more information - these will be updated with the final versions once the insurance comes into effect.

Below is a comparison of the old and new insurance coverage.

*Firearms must be registered in the FGA members’ name.

The membership increase will also provide additional resources to allow FGA to address challenges and promote both the link between conservation and sustainable use of wildlife through hunting and recreational shooting.

With the support of members, FGA can continue its proactive efforts to secure the future of hunting in Australia, to grow clay target shooting, to invest advocacy resources into national and local issues, and to continue the 60 years of practical conservation work around wetland habitats and waterfowl.

So where do your membership dollars go?

Operations, Support, Membership Administration includes wages of the National Office staff who contribute significantly to advocacy, governance, events and promotions, as well as the provision of member services. A good proportion of those membership dollars helps carry the fight for hunting, firearms ownership and stewardship of public land used for hunting and recreational shooting.

Insurance refers to public liability insurance for both the organisation and members and does not include firearms insurance.

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