Updates from CEO Richard Light

Dear Members,

It has been another busy week defending duck hunting in Victoria.

I met with the Agriculture Minister’s Chief of Staff on Monday and I was promised better access and consultation prior to any announcements of policy or regulations. We thank them for that and will work hard to make sure this materialises.

Towards the end of the week we were informed that there was a highly critical report on the GMA leaked to the media by Animals Australia. We are shocked, but not really surprised, that a confidential report the government commissioned found it’s way into the hands of the anti-hunting lobby. We immediately requested a copy of the report.

I was interviewed last Saturday by the ABC, at Bendigo Branch (thanks to Peter McKenzie, Danny Ryan and the Bendigo Branch for their hospitality). While we were never confident that we would receive much air time or an opportunity to counter the fantasy arguments from the anti’s, we felt strongly that we wanted to have our perspective and story made public, because it’s a great story.

You can see the report that the 7:30 report ran on the 1st of March here; and also look at the ABC online article: that gives us a little more exposure.

I received a request from Geelong Branch to help them respond to an inflammatory letter published by the Geelong Advertiser. We produced a letter together that we were able to get published in full last Saturday.

For Duck Opening we are heading out to the Gippsland area with Dr. Graham Hall to undertake the 10th year of our head and wing research, we will also be around the Kerang area and in the Wimmera. We look forward to meeting you at your camp over the opening weekend.

Please remember to direct your questions and express your feelings to the Government and in particular write letters to your local members to let them know how you feel about what’s happening to your hunting traditions.



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