Firearms Insurance

Exclusive firearms coverage is included with your FGA membership!

Most Field & Game Australia members are aware they get some insurance as part of their membership. Firearms cover is becoming hard to get in the private insurance market, so we have been working hard to ensure our cover meets the needs of members.

FGA members now enjoy unparalleled protection for their firearms and associated equipment, wherever your shooting adventures may take you!

Key features:

Comprehensive coverage: Your firearms and equipment are fully protected in transit, stored securely in a locked vehicle, and while in use across Australia, New Zealand, and overseas for up to 28 days during the policy period.

Peace of mind: With a generous limit of indemnity of $15,000 for any single claim and a minimal excess of just $100 per claim, you can rest assured knowing your assets are safeguarded without breaking the bank.

Global protection: Whether you're hunting in the Australian outback or exploring shooting ranges abroad, our policy ensures you're covered wherever your shooting passion may lead.

Extra benefits:

Expanded equipment coverage: In 2024, we've negotiated clearer definitions of “associated equipment” to be certain that your FGA insurance cover does include gun safes and cases, giving your valuable gear the protection it deserves.

Exclusive discounts: Enjoy negotiated discounts and savings when you renew with us, making it even more affordable to protect your firearms and equipment.

Trusted partner: Field & Game Australia has gone to great lengths to secure this coverage so that members don’t have to try to do it themselves. It is an exclusive deal that is unmatched by any other organisation as an automatic feature of membership!

Tailored solutions: Our policy is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Field & Game Australia members, ensuring you have the coverage you need to pursue your passion worry-free.

Expert support: Your dedicated FGA team is here to provide personalised assistance every step of the way. Whether you have questions about coverage or need help with a claim, we're committed to delivering exceptional service.

Expanded cover available for those who need it: While the generous $15,000 of cover provided with our membership-included cover will suit the needs of most – we are aware some people may need more. If you own more than $15,000 worth of firearms and equipment (real value – not what you told your partner you paid!), then you may need some additional cover, so we’ve secured the option for FGA members to be able to purchase “top-up” cover directly via Precision Underwriting if they want to cover a limit above and beyond the $15,000 offered under this group policy. Members can increase the standard cover to $50,000 and the cost would be approximately $200. This can be done via the Precision Underwriting website.

Current members are covered: If your membership is paid up, you don’t need to do anything – you already have this cover. If you are not a member, act now and protect your firearms and equipment with the coverage you deserve. Contact us today to learn more and activate your membership benefits.

* All claims must be submitted through the National Office. If you have any questions, please contact the National Office on (03) 5799 0960 or email