National Championships

Since 2006, Field & Game Australia has held an annual national championship, apart from in 2020 and 2021 when the championships were not held due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The host club for the 2023 Field & Game Australia ASF National Championship was Clunes Field & Game.

The 2023 Field & Game Australia ASF SxS National Championship was held at NT Field & Game as part of the branch's Festival of Clays in August.

The yearly FGA National Carnival features some of the best simulated field clay target athletes to be found in the country; listed here are past and current ASF National Champions.

Year Open High Gun Ladies Veterans Junior Sub-Junior
2006 John Younger Renae Birgan Brian Robertson Blake Nankervis Nathan Harris
2007 Sox Pilipasidis Renae Birgan Richard Dean Matthew Sartori Stephen Penrose
2008 Sox Pilipasidis Renae Birgan Peter Webb Thomas Paterson Stephen Penrose
2009 John Younger Renae Birgan Rodney Brain Stephen Penrose Adam Shale
2010 Damian Birgan Kelly Norris Malcolm Whitehead Stephen Penrose Jayden Roe
2011 Sox Pilipasidis Renae Birgan Rodney Brain Jayden Roe Tim Chapman
2012 Adam Du Rose Renae Birgan Ed Treadwell Adam Shale Alex Kalogerakis
2013 Anthony Panetta Kelly Norris Malcolm Whitehead Jayden Roe Bryce Paglia
2014 John Younger Renae Birgan Eddie Magee Alex Kalogerakis Bryce Paglia
2015 Jeremy Kent Renae Birgan Eddie Magee Bryce Paglia Mark du Rose
2016 Robert Hall Renae Birgan Alan Backman Luke Willemsen Thomas Bilney
2017 John Younger Brooke Tangey Roger Kerslake Billy Cain Nicholas Brighenti
2018 Nick Guerra Renae Birgan Neville Johnson Mark du Rose Ben Studham
2019 Chris Brown Renae Birgan Eddie Magee Xavier Russell Alex Calleja
2022 Adam Hirchfield Renae Birgan Eddie Magee Zayne Papaluca Marcus Keirl
2023 Adam Du Rose Lyndall McNeil Eddie Magee Nate Palubiski Matthew Nedinis

2023 Field & Game Australia ASF National Champion, Adam Du Rose.


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