Quail season 2024 Victoria

The Victorian Game Management Authority has announced the 2024 Victorian quail hunting season.


Season details:

Start date: Saturday, April 6 (half an hour before sunrise).

End date: Sunday, June 30 (half an hour after sunset).
Daily bag limit: A maximum of 20 birds per licensed hunter on any day during the open season.

You can view a fact sheet HERE.


Important notice:

In adherence to the GMA's longstanding recommendations, the use of electronic quail callers is strictly prohibited throughout the season.

The government’s decision underscores the positive impact of our collective efforts in promoting sustainable hunting practices and our significant role in conservation; we encourage all members to continue exemplifying the highest standards of ethical hunting.

Stay prepared, and we look forward to a successful and responsible 2024 game bird hunting season!















PHOTO: Jason Trpevski