Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT)

Recreational duck hunting is permitted in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

In Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania (and in New South Wales for those who wish to take part in the Native Game Bird Management Program) hunters are required to pass a Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) before being permitted to hunt ducks. This ensures that all licensed duck hunters can adequately identify game and non-game waterbirds while in the field.

The WIT is administered in Victoria by the Game Management Authority (GMA), with mutual recognition in all four states. This means if you pass your WIT in Victoria, you will not have to re-sit it to apply for a hunting permit in South Australia or Tasmania, or to take part in the Native Game Bird Management Program in NSW.

FIeld & Game Australia encourages all new hunters or interested parties to keep hunter numbers high by completing a Waterfowl Identification Test and being prepared to head out hunting once a season is announced.

The Victorian Game Management Authority website provides a link to its test sites and dates each year in the lead-up to the duck hunting season. Please note that this list is only updated periodically. For a full and current list of WIT dates and venues, you will need to be logged into a MyGL account. If you do not have a MyGL account, you can find more information HERE.

To arrange to take the WIT in Tasmania, click THIS LINK.

Please note that BEFORE you can book a WIT through the GMA's MyGL portal, you must have made a MyGL account and have watched the training videos provided.

You can also participate in duck identification training through sessions facilitated by Field & Game Australia. CLICK HERE to see the available sessions and to BOOK YOUR PLACE. Those who do the training before sitting for the WIT have a much higher pass rate than those who do not.