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Membership FAQ

How long will my membership last?

When you become a member of Field & Game Australia, your membership will be current for a full year, starting from the day your membership fees were paid.

When do memberships expire?

For your first year of membership, the expiry date will be a full year from the day you first joined. For all other members (excluding Super Juniors), membership expires on March 31 every year.

If I sign up in January, will I have to pay the full amount again in March?

No. After the first year of membership, you will receive a renewal notice with a ‘pro rata’ amount on it. This amount is calculated using the type of membership you hold (Adult, Pensioner, Student) and the number of days between your first year’s expiry date, and March 31 of the following year. This method ensures that our members are fairly charged for their membership fees and makes sure our members are not paying for membership benefits they did not receive.

When will my renewal arrive in the mail?

Regardless of your membership expiry date, you can expect to receive your renewal notice in the mail 6 to 8 weeks before your membership fee is due.

How can I become member?

You can join Field & Game Australia by submitting a membership application online, in person, via post or even sign up over the phone. We have membership application forms available to download in PDF format.

Can I pay for more than one year’s membership in advance?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to process advance payments for future membership at this time.

Is Field & Game Australia an Approved Hunting Organisation?

Yes. Our Approved Hunting Organisation number is 7086.

Is Field & Game Australia membership approved as a ‘genuine reason’ for your Shooter's Licence?

Yes. Field & Game Australia membership satisfies this requirement for firearms licensing in all states and territories in Australia.

Do I have to maintain my Field & Game Australia membership if I only used it to get my firearms licence?

Yes. We encourage all our members to be responsible firearm owners, and naturally this includes meeting the requirements of the firearms licensing regulations across Australia. If you have used your Field & Game Australia membership as ‘genuine reason’ for your shooters licence, you must maintain your membership for the duration of the licence period. Failure to do so may result in having your firearms licence suspended.

Can I get a replacement Membership Card?

Replacement Membership Cards are available from the Field & Game Australia National Office for a fee of $10.

Am I eligible for the Pensioner membership rate?

If you hold any of the following cards, you are eligible for the Pensioner membership rate: Age Pension (AGE), Disability Pension (DSP), Carers Pension (CAR), Veteran Pension (VET), Parenting Payment Single (PPS), Department of Veterans Affairs Health Card (White – Specific Conditions) and the New Start (Age) Pension (NS).

We do not accept Health Care Cards for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for Pensioner membership rates.

Who is covered by the Public Liability insurance, doing what, where, and when?

Field & Game Australia’s Public Liability insurance covers all current financial members, while conducting legal, non-commercial hunting and target shooting activities, in any location (within Australia), at any time.

Guests at Field & Game Australia’s approved ranges are also covered when taking part in target shooting, as long as they sign the visitor’s book.

How can I prove that I am a Field & Game Australia member on my firearms licence paperwork?

If you are applying for or renewing you firearms licence, you will need to provide a copy of your current Field & Game Australia membership card. The membership number alone will not be sufficient.

We are also able to email you a verification letter which contains your Field & Game Australia membership details. These can be used in place of your membership card copy. You can request a verification letter at any time from the National Office.

Can I join both G Branch and H Branch?

No, you can only be affiliated with one Field & Game Australia branch at a time.

I joined G Branch, but I want to attend H Branch’s event, can I do that?

Yes. You are able to go to any of the 50+ branch grounds across Australia and take part in their event. Branch affiliation does not restrict you to attending only that Branch’s events.

Can I move from G Branch to H Branch?

Yes. You will need to fill out a Branch Transfer Form and then return it to the National Office for processing. You can submit your transfer details online, download and print a form to fill out and return by post or in person, or get one in person from a Field & Game Australia Branch.

This form will then be sent to the committee for the Branch you wish to move to, and the committee will decide whether they accept your transfer. As some Branch committees meet on a monthly basis, it can take 4 to 6 weeks for your transfer to be received and approved.

What is the process for becoming a Field & Game Australia Referee?

It’s fairly simple. You sit an open-book Referee test, then submit your results to the Field & Game Australia National Office. Your test results are checked and if you pass, you will be an accredited Field & Game Australia Referee. Accredited Referees will also receive a small badge designating their Referee status.

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