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You're Covered

Field & Game Australia members enjoy the security of $25 million Public Liability Insurance cover for all Field & Game Australia activities.

Greater Opportunities for Contributing

As a member of Field & Game Australia, you will have increased opportunities to play a role in vital wetland habitat conservation, restoration and preservation, as well as contribute to scientific research into our wonderful waterfowl. You will also have the chance to assist primary producers and protect our native wildlife with pest and feral animal hunting. The relationship between farming and pest animal hunting has been around for decades – a tradition that Field & Game Australia’s members are proud to carry on.

The Stories You Love, with the Access You Need

With your Field & Game Australia membership, you have full access to articles and stories from the quarterly Field & Game magazine, in a convenient online format where you are in control of what you read, and how. Follow the stories and topics you want for a personalised experience of Field & Game magazine, and read it on your PC, tablet or mobile device.

The Heart Morass

The Heart Morass has been transformed thanks to the generous efforts of our conservationist hunters and project partners. This generosity continues to be repaid through the diversity of flora and fauna at the Heart, and the improvements in water health. As a Field & Game Australia member, you will be given priority access to this beautiful wetland habitat for camping, hunting, fishing and other recreation.

Advocacy and Representation for your Passion

As a Field & Game Australia member, you will have board members, national office staff and skilled branch members working for your interests. With over 60 years of history, Field & Game Australia is seen as a credible and respected organisation, and our representatives are effective advocates and responsible negotiators. Your membership supports the future of your passion and helps us liaise on your behalf with key decision-makers to ensure that ethical hunting, shooting sports, and law abiding firearm owners are fairly represented.

Social and Competitive Recreation

With over 50 Field & Game Australia shooting grounds in Australia, holding an average of 60 events every month, our members are keen participants in Simulated Field clay target shooting and other shotgun target disciplines. As a member you are welcome to attend any of our branches’ regular shoots. Clay target shooting is a great way to develop your marksmanship, improve your shooting techniques, and make a few friends along the way.

Ethical Hunting

Field & Game Australia are an accredited and ethical hunting organisation. With your membership you will have the opportunity to join organised group hunting activities, whether it is for feral and pest animal control, or for recognised game species during the appropriate season. The seasonal harvest of great game food is a highlight for our members, and is a great way to learn more about this important Australian cultural tradition and a true ‘free range’ philosophy.

Genuine Reason

As well as all the other great benefits for our members, Field & Game Australia membership and activities satisfy the ‘genuine reason’ requirement for firearms licensing across all states and territories. Membership should be maintained for the duration of the licence. Firearm ownership is a privilege, and we encourage our members to use that privilege responsibly.

Giving Our Members the Advantage

Field & Game Australia members also have the advantage of being kept up-to-date on hunting, target sports and firearm news and issues via the web, social media, and e-newsletter. Information and education play a huge part in Field & Game Australia, so as a member you can expect great initiatives like the Shotgunning Education Program, waterfowl identification training and test sessions, clay target coaching, conservation workshops, and hunting dog training and retrieving.

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