Shotgunning Education Program


The Shotgunning Education Program is designed to assist Australian hunters in the use of non-toxic shot and to provide education material which will assist game bird hunters in equipment selection, development of key shooting and hunting skills and proven hunting strategies and techniques. The program is endorsed and delivered through the cooperation of Field & Game Australia and the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (Victoria).

This one-day workshop provides information to hunters to improve their skills, as well as hands-on practical training, which will help improve the collection of game and ensure that game bird hunting is sustainable and humane.

Book Your Spot

Field & Game Australia is proud to be involved with this great education program. Interested? There are seven workshops scheduled for the remainder of 2016.

  • Saturday, April 2 at Little River SSAA – book now
  • Saturday, July 16 at Bendigo Field & Game – book now
  • Saturday, July 30 at Little River SSAA – book now
  • Saturday, October 1 at Little River SSAA – book now
  • Saturday, October 15 at Mornington Field & Game – book now
  • Saturday, November 12 at Sale Field & Game – book now

Training Modules

At every Shotgunning Education Program workshop, participants will undergo training and assessment in:

  • shooting skills assessment
  • distance estimation
  • pattern testing
  • shooting skills practice
  • wounding, retrieval and general discussion

What's Included?

The Shotgunning Education Program workshops provide:

  • Pattern sheets (as many as required)
  • Clay targets (for both shooting skills assessment and shooting skills practice)
  • Steel shot target ammunition (typically you can expect to shoot between 100-150 rounds)
  • Expert instruction and coaching from qualified Shotgunning Education Program trainers
  • Shotgunning Education Handbook: ‘Be a Better Game Bird Hunter’
  • Shotgunning Education Program Certificate
  • Shotgunning Education Cloth Badge
  • Tom Roster DVD
  • A great time with like-minded people!!!

What to Bring

All trainers and trainees must bring the following.

  • Current firearms licence
  • Safety gear including ear and eye protection, high-visibility cap or vest, sunscreen
  • Typical shotgun used for legally hunting waterfowl with non-toxic shot (excluding Damascus twist-barrelled shotguns and muzzle-loading shotguns). All firearms must be legally registered, in good working order, and have any carrying slings removed.
  • All firearm maintenance equipment, including choke tubes and spanner.
  • Preferred non-toxic (steel) hunting ammunition (approximately 12 rounds of each brand you wish to evaluate is usually sufficient)
  • Hunting/target shooting jacket, ammunition/game bag or cartridge belt
  • Suitable clothing for possible weather conditions
  • Enclosed, solid footwear for safety
  • Ticket and receipt of payment for workshop

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